Temple Israel is an unusual congregation – able to offer a place for everyone from toddlers to those toddlers’ great-grandparents, and able to provide a place for a remarkably wide spectrum of intellectual and spiritual engagement.  And yet it’s not just a collection of insular parts – it has its own soul, characterized by a coherent, intellectually lively and open-minded personality.  

We have received great benefits from being a part of the Temple Israel community, and as we move through life we see more and more of the immense breadth of the Temple’s offering. 

That offering is something we think is worth preserving for the future.  We know that what we benefit from has been made possible by the contributions of previous generations.  With creative help from the Development Office we were able to provide for a contribution of our own to help make it possible for the next generation to experience Temple Israel as we have.    

Michael & Nancy Sandman